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AWS technicians are ready to straighten any bent rim for cars or trucks from 15″ to 24″ steel, chrome, and aluminum, OEM or custom rims.
ALLOY WHEEL SERVICE has top-notch professional straightening and welding devices to achieve the most accurate repair possible. The straightening method includes initial inspection with a high sensitive digital dial indicator, that diagnosis the bent wheel and indicates exact location and severity of the bend. Upon completion of the repair the bent wheel will be repaired to its original factory condition spinning straight and true.

Due to low-profile tires the pothole or curb cause damage to the wheels by opening hairline crack in a wheel. Tire starts losing an air every few weeks and when this happens the wheel is likely to be bent as well. 
AWS technicians are professionals in weld repairs, the high-end  TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welders are used to fix the issue. However, in some cases repairing the crack is unsafe in this case, AWS sales representative will find a replacement OEM rim or you can find the wheel yourself by visiting our SHOP.
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